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LA Forum marketing and advertising solutions

LA Forum is an independent public pension fund training provider, providing Local Authority Pension Fund officers, trustees and elected members with a range of educational services. In addition to bespoke training seminars, we produce investment strategy opinion reports that go beyond the typical market analysis of third party reporters and analysts.

Our unique strength is uncovering the thoughts and views of the highest profile people in a particular industry and getting them to contribute to both the training seminars and publication themselves.

LA Forums prime objective is to explore and examine a cross section of views and provide the opportunity for many contrary ideas to be expressed during the decision making process.

This approach allows the issues at the heart of an industry to be raised and assesses why particular industry challenges persist, how emerging opportunities can be captured and what trends will be seen to occur in the near future.

Our Contributors

Our contributors are the industry’s finest, according to the asset class.  Not chosen by LA Forum but put forward by a cross section of individuals working within the industry through a pre-research survey.

Our contributors are asked to either write a unique article on a subject given to them, upload video tutorials to our website or participate in a training seminar or round table discussion to evolve existing and new ideas.

The end product is a highly valuable combination of ideas that forward industries, solve the most challenging of problems and give those in the market new ideas to build their offerings from.

Our Sponsors

The services LA Forum provides its clients are independent of any one company.  However, we do look for commercial organisations to get involved as long as their opinions add distinct value to a reports theme.

Our sponsors do essentially fund the reports, but those who read the reports make them a success. Therefore we work with our sponsors to give them the opportunity to share their ideas in a way that adds real value and helps their clients to identify potential solutions to their challenges and opportunities.

To find out more about LA Forum, our other available reports, or to get involved as a contributor or sponsor in a future report or training seminar please contact:  

Forthcoming Events

Welsh LGPS - Strategic Asset Allocation Training Day

The conference aims to consider a broad range of topical investment issues for local authority pension funds. Areas under the spotlight will include the outlook for investment strategies and themes such as those designed to deliver growth, income or liability risk management as well as factors such as governance, transparency and cost, the accessibility of investments and the pooling structures.

8th November 2018


2nd conference on Forecasting at Central Banks

We invite submissions to the 2nd Forecasting at Central Banks conference, to be held at the Bank of England from Thursday November 15 to Friday November 16, 2018.


15th November 2018


Latest Videos

60 seconds on sovereign bonds and environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Drawing on the experience of our investment teams we look at how they practically integrate ESG into their sovereign bond investments with three clear conclusions.

18th July 2018


Schroders - ESG Investing

We spoke to twenty-thousand people in twenty-eight countries to find out how important environmental, social and governance (or “ESG”) factors are when making investment decisions.

1st August 2018