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Continuing Professional Development

LA Forum offers a selection of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tutorials and events designed to support trustee’s ongoing development. 

Once registered with LA Forum, a local authority officer can create a personal CPD profile.  Your viewing history and an account of training events attended, can be used to validate CPD and record a personal development plan. 

For example:

  • Help raise governance
  • Operational management standards
  • Improved product knowledge and risk management

Forthcoming Events

ROBO Investing 9 - 11 September 2019, Kings Place, London

Join 500+ senior decision makers from wealth managers, asset managers, banks, fintechs and beyond to discover the latest developments in retail and advisor technology.

9th September 2019


Latest Videos

Schroders - The Global Rise of Sustainable Investing

Our society and environment are changing faster than ever, forcing companies to adapt or fall behind. 

28th September 2019


CBRE Agribusiness: The Hunters Hills Sale – South Canterbury, New Zealand

As part of a larger station, The Hunters Hills has been identified as being well suited to large scale carbon forestry. 

31st March 2019