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LA Forum publications provide a comprehensive overview of the end to end research and investment process across a range of asset classes.  Our aim is to help our members understand complex problems and plan efficiently.

Written and published for Local Authority officers, these thought provoking documents highlight investment issues, available options and trends in key areas of the UK's public sector pension scheme space.

Targeting investment officers, policy makers, industry specialists, and the pensions board in order to promote debate and understanding.  It is not intended for use directly in either market forecasting or for investment decision purposes, where specialist advice should be sought.

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Pioneer Investments - Choosing an Actively Managed Portfolio: Evaluating Active Share

There has been a lot of recent discussion focused on the merits of “active share,” one measure designed to illustrate the level of active management being employed within an actively managed portfolio.  Active share can be useful when considered in the context of other metrics, such as a manager’s ability to add value and a portfolio’s relative risk or tracking error versus its benchmark index.  However, we believe an analysis of the exposures that result in a portfolio’s active share and tracking error is essential to truly evaluate the merits of an active approach.

Date added: 06-10-2015


Pioneer Investments - Choosing an Actively Managed Portfolio: Evaluating Active Share