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LA Forum publications provide a comprehensive overview of the end to end research and investment process across a range of asset classes.  Our aim is to help our members understand complex problems and plan efficiently.

Written and published for Local Authority officers, these thought provoking documents highlight investment issues, available options and trends in key areas of the UK's public sector pension scheme space.

Targeting investment officers, policy makers, industry specialists, and the pensions board in order to promote debate and understanding.  It is not intended for use directly in either market forecasting or for investment decision purposes, where specialist advice should be sought.

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Clear Path Analysis Report: The evolution of factor investing

Investors have long followed rules-based approaches to put together investment portfolios.

In fact, quantitative asset management has a heritage of at least eight decades. The merits of a simple, rules-based approach—choosing “value” stocks on the basis of accounting metrics like price to book value or price to earnings ratios—were set out by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd in their seminal book “Security Analysis”, published in 1934.

Date added: 14-02-2017


Clear Path Analysis Report: The evolution of factor investing