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Alliance Trust - A minute with the manager...impacts of the VW scandal

There have been dramatic falls in the Volkswagen share price since the scandal broke and financial liabilities having been rapidly growing. In this short video, Stephen Porteous, Investment Manager, discusses why emission testing is so important and examples of companies that we are invested in which can deliver innovative technology led solutions.

Company: Alliance Trust Date added: 23-11-2015
Duration: 3
Categories: Environmental, social and governance (ESG)


Alliance Trust Alliance Trust

Alliance Trust Alliance Trust

Alliance Trust Investments is a member of UKSIF, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association and Eurosif, the European Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.

The Sustainable Future hub launched in February 2013 and is run by the equities team at Alliance Trust Investments (ATI), a boutique fund management business, focusing on sustainable equities and fixed income, with an emphasis on specialist investment solutions.

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