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Financial Advisers: the Untapped Opportunity?

Research Director Dan Kiernan moderated a panel at the Lendit Europe conference. The panelists from Octopus Choice, Ratesetter, LendingWell, Goji and Clearwater Private Investment debated what it would take to get financial advisers to engage with P2P lending.

Company: intelligent-partnership Date added: 14-10-2016
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Intelligent Partnership Intelligent Partnership

Intelligent Partnership Intelligent Partnership

As a company our aim is to help financial advisers deliver diversified, engaging and value-for-money investment options for their clients.

We want to provide advisers with the content, education, tools and support they need to evidence whole of market understanding, broaden their investment propositions and help their clients make informed decisions about how to manage their finances and invest for the future.

We aim to deliver our services in an easily understood, efficient and transparent manner. Advisers are the focus of what we do and everything is designed with the intention of making their lives easier, while ensuring they stay at the centre of the client relationship and are well placed to serve their clients needs.

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