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FT - Mr Yen talks about Japan’s currency

Eisuke Sakakibara, known as ‘Mr Yen’ for the influence of his pronouncements on Japan’s currency when he was vice-minister of finance for international affairs, talks to the FT's John Authers. Mr Sakakibara suggests Japan is comfortable with the yen at its current level.

Company: FT Date added: 25-01-2016
Duration: 5
Categories: Japan


Senior Investment Commentator at Financial Times John Authers

Senior Investment Commentator at Financial Times John Authers

A 26-year veteran of the Financial Times, I have been writing the Long View column on investment since 2006. Over my time at the FT, I have covered banks and financial markets on both sides of the Atlantic, and enjoyed a successful stint running our bureau in Mexico City. I have won several awards, detailed below.

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