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Goldman Sachs - Germany at 25: Reunification, Reform, Regrowth

Twenty-five years after Germany’s reunification, its economy has grown into one of the five largest in the world. Goldman Sachs economists Huw Pill and Dirk Schumacher discuss Germany’s re-emergence as an economic power and evolving role within Europe.

Company: Goldman Sachs Date added: 02-10-2015
Duration: 4
Categories: European Equities


Goldman Sachs Huw Pill

Goldman Sachs Huw Pill

Huw is the chief European economist and co-head of the Economics team in Europe. He joined Goldman Sachs as a managing director in 2011 and was named partner in 2012.

Prior to joining the firm, Huw worked at the European Central Bank, where he was deputy director general of Research and head of the Monetary Policy Stance Division. Earlier, he worked at the Bank of England and at Harvard University, where he was an associate professor of business administration.

Huw earned a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from University College, Oxford, in 1989 and an MA and PhD in Economics from Stanford University in 1990 and 1995, respectively.

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