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Henderson - Global Dividend Index - February 2017

Global dividends inched ahead just 0.1% in 2016, according to the Henderson Global Dividend Index, reaching $1.154 trillion. There were four reasons for the lack of progress. First, dividend growth in the US, which accounts for two fifths of the global total payout, slowed sharply. Secondly, the UK, Australia, and emerging markets saw declines year-on-year. Thirdly, the US dollar was stronger, so dividends paid around the world were translated into dollars at less favourable exchange rates. And finally, special dividends were lower year-on-year. On an underlying basis, which adjusts for changes in exchange rates, special dividends and other factors, growth of 0.6% year-on-year was also very modest. Following a weak fourth quarter, when dividends fell 0.4% year-on-year, the HGDI ended 2016 at 158.2, with little change to global dividend growth at the headline level in recent years.

Company: Henderson Date added: 13-02-2017
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Henderson Global Investors Henderson Global Investors

Henderson Global Investors Henderson Global Investors

Henderson Group is the holding company of the investment management group Henderson Global Investors.

Henderson Group's principal place of business is in London and since December 2003 has been listed on the London Stock Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange - appearing in the FTSE 250 and ASX 100 indices. Henderson Group has approximately 40,000 shareholders worldwide. Since 31 October 2008, the Group has been incorporated in Jersey.

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