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Zurich & Invesco - Investment Webinar: Absolute Return Investing

Join David Walls, Head of Retail Investment Sales, Zurich and Ed Bevis, Regional Sales Manager, Invesco as they discuss the merits of the Invesco Global Targeted Returns fund as being the most suitable Absolute Return fund in the Irish market.

Company: Zurich Date added: 21-10-2015
Duration: 41
Categories: Absolute Return


Zurich David Walls

Zurich David Walls

My career has been highly focused on business development within the investment management business. Recently the key focus has been on working with investment advisers to bring an excellent investment offering for their clients.

The role in Zurich promises to be challenging as we look to strengthen and broaden the investment offering around the highly successful and award winning Zurich investment managers.

My six years as a plc non-Exec have also strongly developed my strategic thinking.

I believe I am an excellent communicator and a highly motivated professional with a reputation for high integrity.

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