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Jupiter - Investment Conference 2015: Simon Somerville

Simon Somerville, fund manager of the Jupiter Japan Income Fund, discusses his boardroom presentation from the 2015 Jupiter Investment Conference 'How Abe has re-energised the Japanese market'. He also comments on his current market concerns and potential opportunities.

Company: Jupiter Date added: 08-10-2015
Duration: 5
Categories: Japan


Jupiter Simon Somerville

Jupiter Simon Somerville

  • Joint Head of Jupiter’s Far Eastern Equities Team
  • Member of the International Equities Team
  • Joined Jupiter in 2005
  • Has 23 years’ experience


Simon is responsible for managing the Jupiter Japan Income Fund (Unit Trust), which he has managed since its launch in September 2005 and is deputy manager of the Jupiter Japan Select SICAV.

Simon previously worked for Cazenove Fund Management as Head of global and Japan equities.

He has a degree in Economics from Durham University.

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