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New Capital - US Equities - Finding opportunities in a low growth environment

Our Portland based US equities Portfolio Managers, Don Klotter and Joel Rubenstein, discuss where they see growth opportunities in the current market environment. Innovation & disruptive business models lead the way.

Company: New Capital Date added: 27-05-2016
Duration: 3
Categories: European Equities


New Capital New Capital

New Capital New Capital


  • New Capital is about high conviction investing: active management away from the benchmark
  • An independent boutique with strong backing
  • We have a diversified range of specialist strategies
  • Focus on sustainablelong-term alpha opportunities
  • Strategic thinking with active stock selection: we have a strong macro framework that sets guidelines for managers and helps shape our range of strategies. But there is no style bias at New Capital and our managers have the flexibility to add alpha
  • Benchmark aware, not benchmark driven
  • Collegiate approach: sharing proprietary ideas and research is integral to the New Capital way



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