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PIMCO - Investment themes for 2016: Finding Credit Opportunities in a Multi-Speed World

With the Fed poised to raise interest rates, at the same time as the ECB continuing its QE programme, expectations for growth and inflation are diverging across global regions.

PIMCO Credit Portfolio Manager Ketish Pothalingam and Jon Dabinett examine the impact this has on the opportunities and risks in credit markets, and identify our best investment ideas for the year ahead.

Company: PIMCO Date added: 09-12-2015
Duration: 33
Categories: Market Outlook


PIMCO Ketish Pothalingam

PIMCO Ketish Pothalingam

Mr. Pothalingam is an executive vice president in the London office and a portfolio manager focusing on U.K. credit investing in the European portfolio management group. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2009, he was a credit fund manager with Threadneedle Investments in London. Before that, he was with Lehman Brothers in London as executive director, responsible for sterling credit trading. He previously spent 11 years with HSBC Holdings in London and Tokyo. He has 28 years of investment and financial services experience and holds an undergraduate degree from University College London and a diploma (niveau moyen) from L'Institut D'Etudes Francaises de Tours. He holds the Investment Management Certificate and is a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals.

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