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New Capital - Dynamic European Equity Fund update Q3

Q3 New Capital Dynamic European Equity Fund update with co-Portfolio Managers, Robin Milway and Bibiana Carretero

Company: New Capital Date added: 27-10-2015
Duration: 20
Categories: European Equities


New Capital Robin Milway

New Capital Robin Milway

Robin Milway is head of equity research at EFGAM and a portfolio manager for the three core Dynamic Equity portfolios of US, UK and Europe and the research processes that underpin these equity strategies. Robin is also portfolio manager for the New Capital Dynamic European Fund and Global Equities Conviction portfolio. The equity strategies combine bottom-up stock picking with quantitative data systems and EFGAM’s key strength in macro. Prior to joining EFGAM, Robin spent nine years working at Cooper Investors in Melbourne Australia where he was portfolio manager for the Global Equities Fund.

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