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RARE - Understanding how utilities fit into an investment portfolio

The removal of various indices has prompted discussion on the differing opinions on the definition of infrastructure, particularity regarding utilities. Shane Hurst,  Senior Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager at RARE discusses how utilities fit into an infrastructure portfolio.

Company: RARE Date added: 27-10-2015
Duration: 4
Categories: Infrastructure


RARE Shane Hurst

RARE Shane Hurst

As Senior Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager for the Value and Yield Strategies, Shane has investment analysis and portfolio management responsibilities for the RARE Value and Yield Strategies, as well as research responsibility for North American securities. Prior to joining RARE in 2010, Shane was Director, Infrastructure Securities at Hastings Funds Management, where he created the Hastings Global Infrastructure Securities Fund. Shane’s role included recruiting and managing the Infrastructure Securities investment team, and developing its investment process and portfolio construction framework. Shane has also held portfolio management and investment analyst roles at Tribeca Investment Partners and AMP Capital Investors. Shane has a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology and a Masters of Commerce (Advanced Finance) from the University of New South Wales.

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