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River & Mercantile - Revealing Truths part 3 - "De-risking can increase your risk"

The focus of pension schemes seems to be to reduce risk, almost at the expense of everything else. But could de-risking actually damage a pension scheme's chances of paying its members' benefits in full? A better understanding of the interaction between the scheme's investment and non-investment risks can help trustees obtain the return they need and manage their risk.

Company: River & Mercantile Date added: 11-05-2015
Duration: 10
Categories: Investment Strategy


River & Mercantile River & Mercantile

River & Mercantile River & Mercantile

River and Mercantile Group (R&M) was formed by the merger of leading institutional adviser P-Solve Limited (“P-Solve”) and leading equity solutions provider River and Mercantile Asset Management LLP (RAMAM) on 27 March 2014.

R&M is an advisory and asset management business with a broad range of services, from consulting and advisory to fully-delegated fiduciary and fund management.

Its advisory and investment solutions serve a large client base predominantly in the UK, primarily institutional pension schemes, with the remainder being retail financial intermediaries and insurance firms.

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