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Santander - Atlas Portfolios Webinar - Fund Manager Insight from Toby Vaughan Oct 2015

The Webinar will be delivered by Toby Vaughan, Lead Fund Manager for the Atlas Portfolios and Head of Fund Management for Santander Asset Management’s Global Multi-Asset Solutions Team. Toby will review the markets over the last quarter and talk through how this impacted his approach with the Atlas Portfolios. He will also look at the current economic landscape and market conditions, and provide an outlook for the remainder of 2015, explaining how these factors impact on his investment decisions moving forwards.

Company: Santander Date added: 28-10-2015
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Santander Santander

Santander Santander

Santander Asset Management is an independent and global asset manager with strong local roots in Europe and Latin America. We have a presence in 12 countries, and we manage £143 billion across all types of investment vehicles, from investment funds and pension plans to institutional mandates.

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