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The European Investment Bank is fundamental in an era of financialisation: Interview with Mariana Mazzucato

It’s time to stop bashing the public sector and start enabling public institutions to achieve their full potential in global innovation. This is the overriding message of world-class economist Mariana Mazzucato in an interview with the EIB. The University of Sussex professor visited the EIB on 8 March 2016 to discuss "The Entrepreneurial State and the Role of Public Banks".

Professor Mazzucato shared her thoughts on the role that public institutions can play in fostering innovation with long-term finance. To ensure the survival of the EU, she urged the need for an innovation-led investment strategy, with the EIB assuming a central role. In addition, Mazzucato underlined the EU bank’s role as the global leader in market-relevant climate finance. Green growth offers immense potential for innovation, and public banks have a leading role to play in forging development in this area.

Company: European Investment Bank Date added: 08-03-2016
Duration: 5
Categories: Investment Strategy


European Investment Bank European Investment Bank

European Investment Bank European Investment Bank

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