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White Papers

White Papers

In-depth, expert analysis on the changing landscape of investments around the world. Leading asset managers reports uncover trends, highlight changes and consider future strategic impact.

Carnegie - Benefits of Digitalisation Overlooked

Digital products offer huge benefits of scale, giving the market leader huge cost benefits compared with the rest of the market. Add to this the so-called “network effects” that can create demand effects that further boost the dominant producer of a digital product.

Company: Carnegie
Date added: 11-11-2016
Sector: Environmental, social and governance (ESG)


Carnegie - Moore's Law And Investing In Technology

As the market matures and some of these leading technology

companies experience slowing growth rates, their cash piles will

far exceed what they can reasonably be expected to channel to organic

investments or acquisitions. Last year, Microsoft announced

a USD 40bn share repurchase programme, which is equal to 10%

of the company’s market cap. To top it off, Microsoft is also paying

a 3% dividend. We believe that, as Microsoft migrates its dominant

customer base of Office and Windows Servers users from pc

solutions to its cloud platform, the company will further expand

its scale and cost benefits, securing stable cash streams for itself and

its shareholders for many years to come.

Company: Carnegie
Date added: 01-01-2016
Sector: Active Management


Carnegie - Solar Photovoltaic Power System and Disruption in Energy Markets

Our view is that between now and 2025-2030, the cost-competitive economies that solar power, energy storage, and electric vehicles are approaching today will compound into stark differences in cost, reliability, pollution, and carbon emissions.

Company: Carnegie
Date added: 11-11-2015
Sector: Environmental, social and governance (ESG)


Carnegie - Navigating Emerging Markets

After our first year, we are unwavering in our belief that a combination

of structural growth themes – in some cases driven by

structural reforms, which can result in more favorable operating

conditions for companies – and in-depth stock-picking will generate

strong investment results over the long term.

Company: Carnegie
Date added: 01-05-2015
Sector: Emerging & Frontier Equities


Carnegie - Man VS. Machine

Having a short-term investment horizon is an inherent human

bias and will likely be increased by a constant flow of news and

data. Machines in fund management may also to an increasing

extent be designed to focus on and identify the short-term opportunities.

Company: Carnegie
Date added: 01-04-2015
Sector: Asset Allocation


Carnegie - Insights Learned Over The Last 25 Years

In the 25 years of actively managing global equities, we have steadily

built our long tradition of stock picking, consistently identifying

themes and trends that drive earnings growth and hence share

prices. In the process, we have gained valuable lasting knowledge

that also will guide us in the years ahead, as we diligently focus on

continuing the journey we began back in 1990.

Company: Carnegie
Date added: 01-03-2015
Sector: Markets


Carnegie - Average Thinking Does Not Create Winners

Today our clients pick us in fierce competition with asset managers

from around the world, and our clients choose us because they

are confident that we will continue to deliver an excess return. We

look forward to the next 25 years, competing in the Champions

League of the asset management industry and safeguarding the

important role of active asset management.

Company: Carnegie
Date added: 01-02-2015
Sector: Active Management