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White Papers

White Papers

In-depth, expert analysis on the changing landscape of investments around the world. Leading asset managers reports uncover trends, highlight changes and consider future strategic impact.

Deloitte - From Dirt to Data: The second green revolution and the Internet of Things

The first “green revolution” — a series of rapid technological and agronomic advances that took place after World War II—transformed agriculture, saving over a billion people from starvation and setting the stage for the world’s population to increase from 3 billion in the late 1960s to an estimated 7.3 billion today. Despite this phenomenal growth, however, there are significant challenges to the continued expansion of this first green revolution, and in some ways it has been the victim of its own success.

Company: Deloitte
Date added: 01-06-2016
Sector: Environmental, social and governance (ESG)


Deloitte - How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution?

Fintech is proving to be an asset management industry game changer. This report seeks to describe the impact this recent phenomenon is having on the distribution model of the industry and the strategies to be adopted by incumbent players.

Company: Deloitte
Date added: 14-03-2016
Sector: Asset Allocation