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White Papers

White Papers

In-depth, expert analysis on the changing landscape of investments around the world. Leading asset managers reports uncover trends, highlight changes and consider future strategic impact.

E&Y - Trends in Real Estate Private Equity - Global Market Outlook 2016

This 36 page paper by EY provides an overview of the increasingly complex environment in which real estate fund managers operate. The report examines the changing landscape for both primary and secondary investment, with helpful regulatory/compliance sections on AIFMD, BEPS and reporting requirements, and the US FIRPTA regulations. The report also examines businesses processes and controls for real estate fund managers. Finally, the report examines the economic backdrop for future returns from commercial property. The authors recommend a "twin-track" approach - focusing on fundamentals whilst keeping an eye on global events and impact on their local investments - to help protect against overreaction and promote stability in investment strategy

Company: E&Y
Date added: 01-12-2015
Sector: Real Estate