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White Papers

White Papers

In-depth, expert analysis on the changing landscape of investments around the world. Leading asset managers reports uncover trends, highlight changes and consider future strategic impact.

Lloyds - The role of financial services in the UK economy

As a trading nation, financial services have played a pivotal role in the economic wellbeing of the UK. The UK’s financial services sector, built up over many years, is critical in helping the country to prosper and makes it an ideal place in which to invest and to grow a business.

Company: Lloyds
Date added: 18-03-2016
Sector: Special Focus


Lloyds - Business in Britain Report January 2016

Lloyds Bank’s Business in Britain report is a bi-annual survey which gathers the views of over 1,500 UK businesses and tracks their overall balance of opinion on a range of important performance and confidence measures.

Now in its twenty-fourth year, the most recent survey findings include:

  • Economic activity is stabilising
  • British businesses relatively upbeat on economic outlook
  • Prospects for profits, investment and hiring remain in line with a maturing recovery and consistent with solid economic growth

Company: Lloyds
Date added: 06-01-2016
Sector: UK Equities