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White Papers

White Papers

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The Pensions Regulator - Survey on Exit Charges in UK Defined Contribution (DC) Schemes

This report summarises the results from the February - March 2016 research survey carried out by OMB Research, an independent market research agency, on behalf of The Pensions Regulator (the regulator). The report follows previous research on the prevalence of exit fees and charges in occupational pension schemes. The main objective of the research was to develop this evidence base further to inform the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) consultation on an exit charge cap for members of occupational pension schemes.

Company: The Pensions Regulator
Date added: 10-06-2016
Sector: Defined Contribution


The Pensions Regulator - UK Pensions: A Guide to Investment Governance

This guide aims to help pensions trustee boards in meeting the standards set out in the Pension Regulator's Code of practice 13. It provides practical information and examples of different approaches to take, as well as factors to consider.

Company: The Pensions Regulator
Date added: 01-05-2016
Sector: Governance